This unique home is located on Vancouver Island in Victoria B.C. The sleepy coastal village has established neighborhoods with beautiful older homes, blending a small-town vibe with beauty and sophistication. “Many of the houses around the area are older homes with stonework,” designer Andrea Rodman shares. For this property, however, the style is a bit different. “The architectural design took cues from old brick countryside houses, but we updated the style to fit the context of coastal Victoria by stripping away excess historical detailing,” she says. “The result is a minimal brick home with clean lines and a familiar, nostalgic shape.”

Her clients were inspired by Scandinavian design with Japanese influences, and Andrea was successful in incorporating both elements. “The biggest challenge was capturing both of our clients’ visions for the design,” Andrea admits. “One of them loved traditional while the other loved modern. The challenge was figuring out how to blend the traditional accents, like having more separation to the rooms but still maintaining an open feel, capturing traditional details but not overpowering while also keeping the house minimalistic and understated from the inside to the outside.” 

The couple wanted the house to be warm and cozy—an inviting family home they could live in for many years—but finding the perfect balance took finesse. “It was a bit of back and forth with myself and the architect Scott as we worked through the design process to get it to a place that they both loved,” Andrea says. Take a tour + enjoy all of the gorgeous details in the slideshow.