“I want people to know that they can have their cake and eat it too,” Kat Jamieson says. In her new book, she shows us how. The idea for Blended goes back to Kat’s early ‘20s. “I was going through a slew of health problems,” she shares. “Everything from digestion issues, to bloating, weight gain, food sensitivities, brain fog and low self-esteem. I couldn’t find a role model I truly related to.  It seemed like everywhere I looked, wellness figures were touting such restrictive diets and setting crazy unrealistic goals that honestly just made me feel bad about myself.”

She continues, “I remember thinking, ‘Where is the woman opening up about her health struggles in a genuine way, embodying a balanced lifestyle and sharing easy, healthy recipes I can make at home? Where’s the girl, who loves a martini, but also starts her day with a big green juice?  Where’s the girl who loves to eat out and can take down an entire large pizza, but also appreciates a delicious homemade meal and a hearty salad?  Where’s the busy gal who still loves hosting an elegant dinner party?’” She soon realized she was in the position to be that woman, carving out a new type of wellness category—one that encourages everyone to do what works for them, doesn’t involve a diet of any kind, and celebrates a truly balanced and beautiful way of living.

As a tastemaker, and influencer, Kat has been sharing her passion for entertaining, fashion, decor, and travel on her lifestyle blog (With Love From Kat) and app (With Love From Kat Travel App) since 2011. Inspired by effortless elegance, Kat combines her classic sense of style with a modern perspective. Blended will help fans and followers bring her lifestyle home. The pages feature over 125 bright and flavorful recipes woven between inspiring tablescapes, custom menu designs, and swoon-worthy interiors. “I wrote this book because I wanted to celebrate wellness in a healthy, balanced, non-restrictive way and inspire others to create beautiful, effortless dishes and tablescapes at home for themselves and their loved ones,” she says. Get a glimpse of the book in the slideshow, and snag her top entertaining tips below.

Blended by Kat Jamieson is now available for pre-order on withlovefromkat.com (ships early October). Hardcover book $42 // PDF book $35


  1. The first thing I always do as a hostess is pick a color scheme.  From there, everything starts to flow.  It makes it 10x easier to visualize the tablescape, flowers and decor, followed by the food and cocktails.  Everything will feel cohesive when you start with the color scheme.
  2. You don’t always have to use flowers to decorate a table!  Do something different and use seasonal fruit and vegetables as centerpieces instead. In the summer think grapefruits, oranges and blood oranges. In the fall think artichokes, butternut squash, and pumpkins. Use pomegranates as placeholders and write each guests name down in white Sharpie. Then use them at the end of the night to make delicious pomegranate martinis!
  3. I’m a huge fan of a long, draped tablecloth. Most tablecloths aren’t made long enough to touch the ground, which is fine if you’re hosting a casual dinner, but for a more formal dinner party, I suggest renting a tablecloth from La Tavola. They have so many incredible patterns and colors to choose from, and the length makes all the difference. I’m a stickler for wrinkles, so I always iron the tablecloth (and steam it too if needed!) before placing it down. It takes a few extra minutes, but trust me, it’s worth it!
  4. Even if you’re just hosting a casual, small dinner party, I love the idea of having a signature cocktail ready for when guests arrive. It’s a very inviting gesture when guests walk in the door, and fun for them to try something new! We always love stacking martini glasses on top of each other (champagne tower style) with colorful drinks inside.
  5. Before a party, guests often ask, “What can I bring or how can I help?” and they want to contribute somehow. For your next get together, have everyone bring a different themed tray of food. A sushi tray, a martini tray, an oyster tray, a dessert tray…my husband made a Sex and The City themed sushi tray with a Barbie doll covered in sushi for our friend’s poker night! It was a huge hit and got everyone laughing.   

Blended by Kat Jamieson is now available for pre-order on withlovefromkat.com (ships early October). Hardcover book $42 // PDF book $35