This home is on the border of West Hollywood & Hollywood,” interior designer Julia Newman, founder of Julia Adele Design, tells us. “This area is all about individuality!  Just driving down the client’s street you see so many different and eclectic styles. People aren’t afraid to be bold and show their personality through design.”

For Julia’s client, a young professional from the East Coast, the home needed to be the perfect antidote to her professional life. “She is ambitious and works long hours in the film industry,” Julia explains. “I wanted the place to be somewhere she could both feel at home and entertain. It needed to feel sophisticated but not stuffy and with a creative flare.” It was also the clients first home, so the designer made a note to include staple pieces that could grow with the client as her personal style evolves. 

Julia was keen on making the contemporary space feel cozier and warmer. Without making any major structural changes and recognizing that bold paint wasn’t the right call, she found the best way to soften the feel of the home was mostly through furniture.  “I needed furniture that bridged the gap from cool contemporary to warm and inviting,” she says. “I loved picking pieces for this home that had sleek silhouettes but in an unexpected fabric and color.”

The result is a sophisticated space with a dash of fun, achieved thanks to a fun working relationship between client and designer. “We like to say we were pandemic buddies,” Julia laughs. “We started this project in April 2020 and we rode the waves of supply chain drama!” 

The designer shares more in the slideshow.