Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs began her career in fashion, which should come as no surprise as you tour this stylish primary suite she designed in Bellflower, CA. The mix of rich jewel tones, sophisticated pattern, and sparkling details work just as well on a runway as they do in an interior space. Her client, a single businesswoman, had lived in the home for many years, raised her kids there, and now found herself ready to invest back into the home and make it all her own. Linda helped transform it into a “grown up” space with a warm, welcoming vibe. 

We’d love to know more about this house! 
It was built in 1950 and originally was two bedrooms with one bathroom. The neighborhood is going through a revival, and a lot of the homes have been getting remodeled in the area. It is great to see many of the homes are starting to get updates and additions.  

What was your scope of work here? This was an addition (vs. just a remodel), correct? 
This project was an addition with just under 500 square feet added to her existing home. She wanted to expand her existing kitchen, which was just under 90 square feet and only had 8 cabinets, plus have a proper primary suite with its own bathroom along with more closet space and storage. I created a brand-new primary bathroom with a large shower and a primary bedroom with a built-in entertainment center where I gave her more storage and a walk-in closet. We also picked out all the materials for the space including flooring, tile, doors, windows, hardware, lighting, and furniture pieces such as the bedroom furniture and dining table.

Tell us about the color inspiration here. How did you decide on a palette?
The client’s favorite color is purple, and she really wanted some color in her new primary suite. When I was planning the color palette for her space, I wanted a color that was more modern and adult instead of a hue more associated with a kid’s room. I wanted to make sure the space felt like a beautiful, mature oasis for my client.

But, we didn’t want to bring the plum color into the bathroom. We wanted the spaces to flow with one another but not feel like they were so matching that they didn’t have their own personalities. That’s how we settled on the dark gray tiles for the shower and sea green vanity color in the bathroom as the green complements the plum in her bedroom. We also have gray in her bedroom that’s sprinkled throughout such as in her rug, new bed, window treatment and wallpaper that flows into the bathroom. 

How long did the project take, and what did the client say when they saw the finished space? 
Because of Covid and delays, the project took a bit longer than we hoped. It was about a year to complete everything from the addition to the design and finishing out the space with furnishings and accessories. But it was worth the wait as the client loves her space and couldn’t have imagined it coming out the way it did. She was shocked at how much we packed into the space and how we were able to get all her wants into the suite. She was so house proud that she immediately had several parties and friends over that just love hanging out and staying over at her home.

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