This Tiburon, CA home had great sentimental value for its owners. “Our client is a family of four, comprising two young children,” interior designer Stephanie Thill of The Workroom Interiors tells us. “It the same house where our client grew up, offering her the opportunity to re-envision it and create a unique space to raise her own family. The goal was to create a home that felt modern and clean but with lots of added texture and natural materials.” 

They embarked on a complete interior remodel. “As the interior designers, we collaborated with architect Stephen Willrich and his team on the finishes,” Stephanie says. The house had a fairly tradition layout broken into a series of individual rooms. “Working closely with the clients, we set out to open up the floor plan and improve the spatial flow removing key interior walls which responded to their contemporary lifestyle,” architect Stephen Willrich  explains. “We also focused on the connection of the interior spaces to the site and amazing views of Marin and San Francisco. The existing home had small windows and doors which we all agreed must go. A series of large pocketing glass doors blur the line between the interior and exterior spaces. Now the setting, site and home all speak together.”

For the interiors, Stephanie and Jennifer chose a mix of natural materials. “We used Calcutta marble, soapstone, Moroccan Zellige tile, white oak that pairs with the more modern hints of steel and fluted concrete on the fireplace. All the furnishings have a modern aesthetic but mixed with natural materials and soft fabrics to bring in more depth and character to the home,” she explains. To bring cohesion to Stephen’s plans, they gave special attention to the fireplace.   “We developed a concrete fluted design to introduce a new material that would complement Stephen’s overall modern aesthetic. We really enjoyed collaborating with them and appreciated how respectful they were to our suggestions, everyone on the team was focused on creating the best home possible for the client.” 

“There is a nice balance between clean lines and traditional shapes, white walls and the warmth of white oak used in select pieces of the cabinetry as well as on the floors,” Stephen adds. “This carries over into the furnishings by Workroom and their layering of neutrals and textures. The house has a certain calmness that captures the youthful lives of the client.”

It was a two-year project that exceeded the family’s expectations. “The client was delighted with the final outcome and anxious to move back in,” Stephanie concludes. Take a tour in the slideshow.