Designer Justin Charette says his goal with this New York City home was to “let the art breathe.” Large scale art pieces balance out the oversize windows, while thoughtful wallpaper selections add an element of surprise to the smaller spaces in the home. 

Justin first connected with his clients, Bella and Elio Boyd, through Keith Copley—a close friend and top selling broker for Douglas Elliman. “I found the couple incredibly easy to connect with,” Justin shares. “They asked me to do infuse my style into their space, while also injecting lots of color, texture, and pattern. A clean, modern aesthetic often calls for neutral palettes, so I was excited to delve into color for Bella and Elio, while remaining true to my clean approach and aesthetic.”

The biggest challenge with the home was the tight timeline. “They gave me 90 days to complete their space,” the designer recalls. “Everything is new. They essentially moved in with just clothes, suitcases, and their beautiful Frenchies.” They weren’t interested in vintage or antiques, so everything needed to be new – a big ask given the current supply chain issues. Ever the problem-solver, Justin was up to the task. “As a solution I worked with local NYC work rooms to execute the furniture. All other pieces had to be in stock. Simple tweaks like taking the in-stock dining table base to an auto body shop or switching hardware on in-stock furniture are both great customization hacks. For the artwork, I commissioned pieces throughout the US. The apartment also underwent some renovations including removing a wall, painting the apartment, custom built-ins & closets, electric and AV work, and custom window treatments. The clients gave me freedom to execute, and through organization and very direct communication with all vendors I was able to meet their deadline.”

As for the overall style, Justin says it’s not defined by a category. “To me, style is a feeling,” he concludes. “Having the ability to execute a vibe that undeniably reflects the personality of the inhabitant.”

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