Brimming with historic aesthetic, this Minneapolis home is an architectural gem. In its original condition, it featured original oak millwork throughout, such as ceiling beams, arched doorways, and captivating window bench bays with stunning leaded glass windows. “My clients fell in love with the home’s charm and wanted to breathe new life into its interior while preserving its architectural roots,” says interior designer Victoria Holly. “We worked to highlight certain details of the stunning stained woodwork while introducing refreshed elements that align with our clients’ personal style.”

The couple had moved home to Minneapolis, ready to put down roots in the 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom home in the popular Fulton neighborhood. Their style leaned minimal, if not a bit traditional, so Victoria’s task as a designer was to celebrate this while honoring the historic space. “By selecting warm tones, textured fabrics, and modern yet simple forms, we created a harmonious blend of the past and the present, resulting in an inviting and unique space,” she shares.

They carefully chose which elements to preserve, while others were carefully painted to highlight the details. Each room was dressed in a thoughtful selection of furnishings, embracing comfort and character. “The duration of the project was five months,” Victoria recalls. “I’m not sure if they were more excited to finally have furniture or excited about how beautiful it was! They really loved all of the seating in the living room, the serenity of the bedroom, and the boldness of the dining room. And they were so excited to start entertaining for the holidays.”

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