“A family of four resides here, two lovely girls and their parents. These clients knew that this would be a long-term residence,” designer Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors tells us. “Knowing this, they decided to invest in all the spaces, ensuring that every room was a true reflection of their personality and philosophy of living.”

The property is in Walnut Creek, CA on over an acre of land—quite a generous lot for the Bay Area—and is described as a magical place with a treehouse, extensive vegetable gardens, rose gardens, a meditative fountain space and pool. “The grounds are a great place for children to explore. We definitely wanted to make sure the magic visible in the exterior grounds of the house was channeled in the interior design of the home,” Clara says.

Clara and the Banner Day team embarked on an eight-month renovation that highlights the family’s personality in each space. “This family is passionate about their hobbies,” she explains, “and this can be gleaned from the various personalized details in their home. From the very cool hidden listening room to the handcrafted decorative elements by the daughter in the girl’s room, uniqueness abounds in this home.” 

Each room in the house has a distinct design personality, from a bold blue kitchen to a hidden listening room off the living room, yet cohesion is carried through each space—one of Clara’s areas of expertise “The easiest way people assume to maintain cohesiveness is through either a very neutral palette or a single color,” she explains. “Although I can respect someone’s decision to do this, why not have more fun? Just because various spaces in a home are of varying colors and patterns, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a common thread that ties it all together. It may take some skill and thoughtfulness but stay true to the spirit of the clients and the goals you’re trying to achieve.”

To get the look in your own home, she suggests making sure there are moments of quiet throughout to give the eyes an opportunity to rest. “Personally, I would also say a clutter free home helps when you have a heavy dose of color and patterns in a space, a maximalist design with a minimalist approach to things,” she says.

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