“For me, meeting a professional level cowboy in the Bay Area is as common as spotting the Loch Ness monster swimming in my kitchen sink,” designer Carmit Oron laughs. Yet her clients, empty-nesters looking to update their 4,000-square-foot home, fit the bill. “My client is a businessman, so it surprised me to learn that he once rode horses and worked cattle on an old family ranch as a second business. In fact, he had been quite the cowboy for his first 60 years,” she shares. Working with the couple, Carmit made sure to tie in this niche interest as she started on the design plan.

The house is located close to a creek and surrounded with beautiful green hills and lots of lots of wild California nature. “Landscapes visible from the windows are green and serene, and also enjoyed by various four-legged wildlife that can be spotted grazing and frolicking on the hillside,” Carmit shares. Inside, it’s a transitional-style farmhouse, and Carmit selected natural elements like Calacatta, limestone, Belgian terracotta flooring, linen, and leather among others to bring the aesthetic to life. She also had the task of blending the couples’ unique styles. For him, a masculine, Wild West-inspired den with dark hues, while the formal living room is more feminine with graceful curves and inviting hues.

In addition to updating the visual elements, the home was completely remodeled and included major changes to the floor plans of the kitchen, entryway, dining room and the guest bathroom. All electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, windows, doors, and roof were updated, as well as cabinets, tiling, wall treatments, window treatments, and more. The old furniture was replaced with new, and most of the art and other decorative pieces were also newly acquired or re-framed. In the slideshow, the designer shares all the details on the year and a half project.