Located on a coveted corner lot in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, this unique one-story Spanish style home has incredible architectural details. “The original architecture of the home features a lot of custom steel arch work with floral motifs that feels very relevant in today’s design trend,” designer Judi Lee-Carr of Jubilee Interiors tells us. “We’re honored that the homeowners invited us into their lives to revive this masterpiece.”

Her clients, a pair of empty nesters who moved from Boston to L.A. to be closer to their children, wanted the interiors to reflect their cool, calm, and peaceful personalities. “From the mountain views, to the wood flooring, and natural light, we made some impactful changes with simple updates to the hard finishes, furnishing and art pieces,” Judi shares. “Because the backyard had such beautiful landscape, it also only made sense to incorporate a pool and outdoor kitchen.”

The renovation and move all happened in the midst of the pandemic, making the job of Jubilee Interiors a little tougher than usual. “Delays & backorder of furnishing; lack of material, manpower and labor; broken pieces, job site accidents – we suffered through it all,” she says. “But it is the situation we were in, and the homeowners were the kindest, most understanding human beings. It was a storm we had to pass through, and surviving it, we did.”

During the reveal, Judi’s clients walked in and dropped their bags with eyes wide open. “They didn’t say anything for the first minute or two,” she smiles. “They were in awe and loving that the house had been transformed into their home. We ended the night clinking glasses of champagne to celebrate a successful project together.”