“One of my favorite parts about this project is that we were first approached by our client while they were in the final stages of purchasing their home,” designer Maureen Ursino shares. Being involved at the very beginning meant the client would happily put her full trust in the designer. Maureen knew the project would revolve around materials and furnishings best suited for children: durability was key, but the space needed to be cozy and approachable, and yet also match the sophisticated style of the homeowner. We sat down with the designer to learn how she did it:

We’d love to know a bit more about this property. Where is it located?
The home is located in the quaint shore village of Rumson, NJ, which is a beautiful waterfront town known for its Hamptons-like feel and only a 45 minute ferry commute to Manhattan. Rumson has become an increasingly popular destination for families looking to move from a bustling city to a quieter suburban life, and it has also been experiencing a design revival in recent years thanks to the opening of several new design shops with impressive well-curated inventories and a strong community of interior designers working with clients in search of something fresh and unique. It’s a really special nook of NJ!

What design direction did the homeowner give you, if any?
From our very early conversations, our client expressed wanting a home that was approachable and cozy (and child-friendly!), while also still feeling elevated and sophisticated. Our client likes to host big family dinners, so we were sure to design a dining room with lots of seating and with room for additional seating for larger occasions. Our client is also an avid reader, so we tried to include cozy reading nooks throughout the home wherever possible.

Style-wise, what was your vision for the furnishings and decoration details?
Our goal was to select pieces that would really create a strong visual and elevate each other when all pieced together. Similar to the material selections, we were focused on pulling together a palette full of neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and lots of texture. The styling and accessorizing was also crucial. It’s the last layer that truly brings a room to life, so we spent a lot of time making sure those details were right to make the home feel complete.

See Maureen’s work up close and personal in the slideshow, where she shares more details about this beautiful home.