“We were handed a lovely home to take to the next level,” designer Kristen Peña of K. Interiors says, reflecting on this San Francisco project. Located in Cole Valley, one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods, the house had been remodeled seven or eight years earlier. It was in great condition, but a few spaces were no longer working for the family.

The previous remodel brought in many beautiful details that the client still loved, but didn’t really work for the family that was now in a different phase of life — two teenage girls, busy careers, and a busy calendar with after-school activities. “The direction we were given was that they wanted their house to feel finished and more curated while providing the family with truly functional spaces that would get used,” Kristen shares. Essentially, the homeowners hoped for a place they could return to at the end of a busy day and feel truly relaxed and comfortable.

“They love color and really wanted to infuse color into their interiors. They also were looking for art to ground the spaces and provide interest,” the designer shares. “Because some of the existing art and furnishings were mid-century and made use of mostly primary colors, we wanted to off-set that color with more texture and neutrality so it felt more relaxing and approachable. We used vintage Persian rugs and an assortment of patterned textiles to play off the color.”

Merging the colorful hues which echo throughout the home with timeless, functional design makes the space feel playful yet still quite tailored and sophisticated. “We knew that the pieces that went into the home needed to provide visual warmth, a point of view on style and really fine craftsmanship,” the designer muses. “We particularly love the living room. The pieces were all carefully selected to create a space that feels timeless, but incorporates the owners love for mid-century design, color and beautiful craftsmanship.”

Kristen and her team worked with the client for a better part of a year, taking time to thoughtfully select art and bespoke furniture pieces they could feel proud of. The final space feels approachable and elevated all the same. Take a peek in the slideshow.