For this Southern California home, durability was key. When ready to completely remodel their home’s interior, a busy young family hired designer Erica Bryen. They wanted it to be light and airy with softer colors, but needed to keep their three young children in mind when it came to the overall function of the space. “They wanted it to be durable, but still have it look aesthetically pleasing and stylish,” Erica tells us.

Erica and her team added an additional bedroom, making it a five bedroom, 4,300 square-foot home. For materials, strength and durability was prioritized. They installed hardwood floors throughout, and added a lot of marble. “We selected some gorgeous slabs for the master bathroom and are really happy with how those turned out,” the designer says. Another heavy-hitter was the Neolith countertops in the kitchen — perfect for a family that loves to entertain. Throughout the home, bolder materials like unique tiles, three dimensional wall coverings, and hand-painted wallpaper bring a hearty dose of color and personality to the space.

When it comes to her design process, Erica explains that it’s the opposite of risky. “We had everything well thought out and planned,” she recalls. Their first meeting was at the end of December 2018, construction began in January, and the entire project wrapped during the winter of 2019. Erica laughs as she recalls the homeowners only wish once their dream home was complete: “We wish we could stay here without the kids for a week!”