“Our clients are a married couple in their early 30s who had just purchased their first home,” designer Nina Jizhar tells us. “They moved from a one-bedroom rental into this newly constructed, five-bedroom home and wanted a designer to assist them filling in their new space.” They called on Nina’s firm to help them “grow” into the space—creating a foundation of comfortable, quality pieces that would last.

The house is in Mountain View, CA—one of the Silicon Valley suburbs. “Most of the homes in the neighborhood are new construction homes built by different developers with high tech modern luxury amenities featuring indoor/outdoor living with 14’ glass doors,” Nina explains. “With the modern architecture of the home, we incorporated an organic, modern approach emphasizing nature-inspired elements and neutral color palettes to create a modern space that is effortless and cozy yet sophisticated.”

The main area of the house is an open plan. “As you enter, you see the living, dining, kitchen and family room,” Nina explains—so all pieces selected had to work together. She brought in furniture, accessories, window coverings (from The Shade Store), and helped guide the overall style of the space. While most designers lean heavily on their own aesthetic, Nina’s firm takes a different approach. “We welcome all design styles and believe that a home should reflect its owner’s lifestyle and should be a true collaboration and partnership between designer and client,” she says. “Our mission is to create sophisticated, unique and timeless interiors for our clients.”

It was a smooth operation—thanks in large part to the couple’s decisiveness and Nina’s ability to quickly source from beloved retailers and custom makers in the area. “This is one of the smoothest projects we have had, and we are truly grateful with our client’s decisiveness and entrust us with the whole process,” she shares. Take a tour in the slideshow.