It’s a true “old-meets-new” approach when it comes to this 1925 Spanish Colonial in La Cañada, California. The homeowners wanted to respect the architect’s vision and preserve original interior materials where possible, but also wanted an updated audio visual and home automation system, modern comfort, and spaces for effortless entertaining. Designer Courtney Thomas was up for the job. 

Hi Courtney! First, we’d love to know a bit about your clients. 

The homeowners have lived in the La Cañada community since shortly after they were married in 1988. They raised their 2 kids here and are prominent community supporters, volunteers, and members. We had recently completed their home in Laguna and after its completion, they found themselves spending more time there than they did in La Cañada. This house started to feel dark in comparison to the sun-soaked walls of their beach home, so they asked us to reinspire this home through brighter, lighter palettes and more inviting spaces. 

The clients wanted an updated audio visual and home automation system but wanted to stay true to the home’s 1925 Spanish Colonial origins. They wanted one-of-a-kind pieces for a one-of-a-kind house but didn’t want to sacrifice comfort. We focused on merging these potentially opposing needs. Looking at the house, you wouldn’t know it’s as high tech as it is and for the furnishings! We focused on antique armoires, consoles and chests for their individuality while ensuring the upholstered items were specific to their level of comfort. 

In what condition was the property at the start of the project? 

The house was lovingly maintained but ready for more modern living. The homeowner’s kept meticulous documentation of the house’s origins. We looked to those papers in our design to make sure our vision was in line with the architects’ and to preserve original interior materials like the front staircase and foyer which is poured concrete that was carefully refinished and sealed.

How long did the project take, and what did the family say when they saw the finished space?

The project took just under a year to complete. The client’s exact words were “it’s a space we never want to leave.” 

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