Designer Alanna Dunn of Reena Sotropa In House Design Group says this custom home was a true collaboration. “It was designed for two young clients, Alyssa and Steve, who recently welcomed their first baby,” she says. Alyssa, a graphic designer, would put together beautiful conceptual presentations ahead of each design meeting, sharing her vision of a tailored interior that would blend the warm elements of traditional design with the clean-lined details of a more modern aesthetic. 

“It’s quite atypical that a client offers such accurate design direction that early in a project,” Alanna admits. “I am usually trying to pull these details out of my clients to bring their design to life.” Working with local architectural firm Andison Residential and builder Dream Ridge Homes, the space project held a steady pace over the course of 2020 and early 2021, with the family moving in last April. 

As to be expected, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This space is quite large, with two ten-foot islands providing more than enough room for entertaining. “Right from the start, I knew we were going to have be clever with the millwork design to make sure the large kitchen space didn’t come off flat or sterile,” the designer shares. “I proposed we break up the millwork finishes in the space to ensure nothing felt monotonous. It was my clients who suggested a dark, almost charcoal, finish. I love the way the dark cabinet color ground the millwork in the space and holds its own against the white oak elements in this all-white space.” Over the second island, two large black pendants drop in overhead. “I was worried that too many hanging lights in this open floor plan would come off chaotic. I suggested we keep the pendants over one island and skip any kind of dining chandelier in lieu of a hanging living room fixture.”

The rest of the home features just as many thoughtful and strategic design decisions, resulting in a truly custom home. Take a peek in the slideshow.