Australian designer Melanie Winata says this home, located in the Perth suburb of Tuart Hill, is a beautiful marriage of her clients’ opposing styles. “One favors a modern and refined aesthetic whereas the other gravitates towards a more vintage, worn feel,” she explains. The couple had contemplated moving, but ultimately decided to stay and engaged Melanie’s firm, Fauvist Design to breathe new life into the home. The couple wanted the aesthetic to represent “warm neutral Australiana”—paying homage to the landscape with natural fibers, textures, colors, and Australian flora.

The home is a beautiful mix of old and new, with Melanie expertly blending modern pieces with vintage charm.  “It’s not overly decorative and there are lots of rustic finishes and different textures and wood tones that add warmth. There are also lots of simple lines, organic, curved shapes, and greenery,” she explains. The clients had indicated early on that they loved color, but in actuality most of the inspiration imagery was quite neutral. “I opted to incorporate color in a conservative way through the furnishings and accessories, with the colors being inspired by our beautiful Australian landscape.” 

Beyond aesthetics, it was important that the space be family friendly. “With two young kids of my own, I found myself scrutinizing the practicality of every single design element and questioning whether it was something I’d have in my own home,” Melanie shares. “Nothing is overly precious or fragile and all the finishes are either low-maintenance and/or durable. I also considered safety hazards, steering clear of anything with sharp corners.” She selected a curved coffee table, avoided anything that could easily tip over, and left all fragile pieces out of reach—a great example being the linen shade pendant mounted behind the sofa, instead of a traditional table lamp. The sofa is upholstered in a heavy-duty polyester while the chair and ottoman are both made of durable recycled PET fabric—all the covers are also machine washable. 

As for timing, Melanie had that perfectly sorted as well. “My clients’ baby was actually born the night before installation,” she smiles. “So, they were home to see it unfold over the course of the day.  As such, there was no big reveal, but they said it was exactly what they had envisioned and loved how much more functional and cohesive the indoor and outdoor spaces now are.”

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