Brianna Morant is anything but cookie-cutter. She’s one of Nashville’s top real estate brokers, and her company Oak Street Group caters to the city’s elite. Keeping a keen eye on the market, she opted to sell her downtown Nashville home when things were hot and purchased a traditional farmhouse in Westhaven—a neighborhood that, well, is cookie-cutter. And though she went from a cool mid-century home to a suburban farmhouse, the result is anything but traditional. 

Brianna tapped Jessica Maros of MAROS Designs to reimagine the 4,164 square-foot home. “The neighborhood is governed by an architectural committee filled with southern style homes of all kinds,” Jessica shares. “A mix between New Orleans Garden District and Nashville southern charm, front porch swings and magnolia trees grace the Westhaven streets. We really wanted to embrace the southern influence within the home’s character but challenge the interiors with a new modern look.” 

A style statement was made before you even enter the home, and the exterior was painted a dark peppercorn gray. “The homeowners knew they would be making a statement with the color choice but luckily, after months of trying, the HOA gave us the green light! The original plan was to paint with Black Magic by Sherwin Williams,” Jessica recalls, “but we compromised with the HOA on a dark gray. This home is definitely the pioneer of the block!”

Inside, they wanted to create an environment for socializing and having family gatherings. “As a couple, Brianna and her husband Johnny Scott love to host, so they needed something inviting and fun,” Jessica says. “Brianna has great taste so designing was effortless and quick with her. Her goals were to have a home that was comfortable, edgy, and interesting. Also, she wanted to showcase vintage pictures of her grandmother, so we ended up making life-size prints of old Polaroids and turned them into art.”

For furniture, Jessica was lucky to have a great foundation for this property. “I started with a lot of Brianna’s furniture from her previous home. I had spent a year collecting and sourcing items and when we finished a few weeks later they had sold the [downtown] home,” she recalls. “So we had a lot to work with, and I was excited to recreate these furniture pieces in a new space with eventually buying a lot of new accents, switching some sofas out, and installing all new lighting.”

The result is bold: it’s monochromatic and modern with a bohemian and Scandinavian mix. And throughout each room, unexpected colors or textures peek out. “The project took around 18 months to finish,” the designer recalls. “We were lucky to have fast shipments, and everything seemed to be a quick turnaround for them. As a surprise we also blew up pictures of their furry friends and framed them as art pieces. I think including family members into your art can connect you more with the interiors.”

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