Designer Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors treats each project with the same reverence—using a fool-proof, time-tested system to create immersive, art-driven, and turn-key spaces for her discerning clientele. “Our milestone system and structured interior architecture and design planning tools were part of the reason these clients hired us,” Leslie explains. “The interior design documents we deliver are similar to a set of commercial construction documents, leaving no room for guessing which makes the process more detailed, meticulous, and frankly fun for the client as there are many less headaches and surprises aside from the obvious supply chain issues out of our control.”

The house is in Memphis, Tennessee’s prestigious Cloisters neighborhood. “It is a beautiful East Memphis enclave of luxury residences,” Leslie explains. “A gated community full of wispy trees and architectural gems. It is one of the most sought-after places to live in Memphis.” Interestingly, it is full of largely traditional homes, so Leslie and her team were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a more modern property.  

“Our clients were a dream to work with,” the designer shares. “Both are native Memphians and newly empty-nesters.” He’s an upstanding prominent businessman with a meticulous eye for detail, while Leslie says his wife “is an unbelievably sweet and kind spirit who loves to travel and to spend time with her children. I felt an immediate bond with her because like me she loves luxury and sophistication with a bit of an edge!”

During the design process, the husband wanted clarity, communicativeness, and a solid path forward, so Leslie relied on her firm’s system to ensure it was a smooth process throughout the twenty-one-month renovation. But the wife was looking for a fun experience to stretch her own creative muscles. “We had an amazing time sourcing art in Memphis and Nashville and meeting each of the emerging artists personally to hear their stories,” she says. “The result was a phenomenal gallery space with a bit of a narrative behind each piece. Something meaningful to the clients in some way shape or form!”

Murphy Maude Interiors was incredibly hands-on every step of the way. “From collaborating with architect in the early stages, to assistance in setting budgets, all the way down to interior construction documents and renderings, and then finally all the furniture and finishing touches even down to new plates and serving wear for the family,” Leslie recalls. No surprise here – the couple loves it. “They absolutely love it,” she beams. “I have received several notes of thanks, most especially the holiday card I received with their family photo showing them all enjoying their new home really touched my heart.”