Designer Ashley Clark of SoCal design firm Skout says this home is fairly traditional…but with some funk! The homeowners had lived in the space for five years before doing an extensive remodel, keeping some of the timeless elements in place and adding plenty of unexpected surprises. From tongue-in-cheek artwork, bold patterns, and a few show-stopping details, the space is a joyful representation of the best of the California lifestyle. Ashley tells us more. 

 Tell us about this home. Where is it located? How did the neighborhood influence the design?

This home is located in Newport Beach, CA in a neighborhood called Dover Shores. The homeowners lived in this home for about 5 years before doing this extensive remodel!  We kept the foundation- exterior walls and even a lot of interior walls, but we made some slight changes to the floor plan— we raised the ceilings – made the kitchen double the size, and just gave it an entirely new look!   

 We’d love to know more about your clients! Who lives here? 

This family has two teenage boys with a LOT of friends!  They entertain a ton, and wanted their home to be comfortable, fun, easy going and not too fussy!  Indoor/outdoor was really important to this family and this single-story layout with the pool in the center really created the perfect indoor/outdoor vibe.

Did this project have any challenges? If so, could you tell us how you overcame a few of the hurdles?

Aren’t all remodels a challenge?!  I mean you just do not know 100% what you are dealing with until you open things up. I LOVE a remodel but definitely have to roll with it and pivot when things do not go as planned!!  This project was done during early months of covid so that also presented some new challenges.  

How long did the project take, and what did the client say when they saw the finished space?

This project was 12 months start to finish— through the pandemic— that’s pretty amazing really! Our client LOVED their new home!  Although the floorplan did not change too much, it feels like a completely different space!

Take a tour in the slideshow.