The best home tours have a good backstory. This one, a stunning Spanish-style home in the heart of Beverly Hills, has it all–a gut renovation, a love story, and dramatic design only Ryan Saghian can pull off. The young California designer is capable of adding so much personality to a space, relying on art, unexpected materials, and custom pieces. We loved getting a virtual tour of this special home and think you will too.

Tell us about the house. Where is it located? How did the neighborhood influence the design?
The home was a complete mess that needed to either be gutted or completely rebuilt but it has beautiful bones! The quintessential 1920’s Spanish Colonial you dream about when thinking of Southern California. In the heart of Beverly Hills, we wanted to respect the 1920 Spanish-style architecture while honoring the client’s wishes. We kept the outside as authentic as possible with terracotta roofing, white stucco, brown windows and doors, and Spanish mosaics.

We’d love to know about your clients. There’s a special story there, right??
It is a bit of a love story!

The homeowners are both native Angelenos who grew up on opposite ends of the city.  He is from Pasadena, and she grew up in Brentwood. His family is originally from Massachusetts, but they moved to California before he was born and his wife is a second-generation Californian. They first met six years ago when he was home visiting from Harvard Law School. They met at a dinner party hosted by a mutual friend who had been trying to set them up for years. BUT she was dating someone so nothing happened…

A year later he opened up his own law firm with his best friend and attended a Halloween party and sees her again, only this time he is the one dating someone. (I know… it’s like a movie!) Long story short, he breaks up with her, asks their mutual friend for her number, and a year later they are married in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. 
Neither of the two come with a great deal of money. They are a team who got to where they are all on their own. He is the smartest person that I know.  She started her own successful clothing line before she became a mother. They worked incredibly hard and bought their first house together in Beverly Hills. 

They both dreamt of having a home they owned and to have it designed in a way that resembled their own personal style and tastes. That’s where I came in!

Style-wise, let’s talk about a few of your design choices.
The overall palette of the home is warm and earthy, with an eclectic mix of vintage finds, custom pieces, and brass accents. The foyer is adorned with a Spanish-style geometric tile floor inspired by Santa Barbara architecture, but with a modern edge. The Edwardian lantern adds a bit of elegance and the console is from Lulu & Georgia. The bronze sculpture is a vintage find.

The living room continues the theme with an elegant, inviting curved sofas by J. Alexander in the style of Jean Royere. The coffee table and cowhide stools are also by J. Alexander. I restored the original wood beams and to give the room a little flair we adorned the plaster fireplace with selenite crystal tile that almost looks like jewelry! The drapery is muted in a beautiful Silk Dupioni and the brass chandelier is by Kelly Wearstler for Circa.

What were your factors for the design of the dining room?
It was important to consider the client’s lifestyle. The couple has a big family on both sides with three siblings on his and hers. They like to entertain. Again, I wanted the space to feel edgy with modern Spanish vibes and earthy tones. The tables and chairs are warm toned and the centerpiece arrangement grounds the space with natural greenery. There are touches of gold in the lighting, artwork frame, and sideboard allowing for a dramatic and lively discussion among all the pieces. 

Moving to the heart of the home, the kitchen! What a cool space.
The kitchen is a blend of an earthy feel, but evokes unexpected allure through the details. The pendants are like dangling jewelry. The gold color gives a certain magic different from the typical metals you would see since it has more liveliness. The countertops are monochromatic, and similar to the cabinets, yet it reads ever so softly. A quartzite countertop (natural stone) envelops the kitchen. Ryan Saghian Interiors stayed true to the clients’ lifestyle with plenty of countertop space and cabinetry since they cook often. The armchairs often invoke a conversation as they are inspired by an iconic mid-century European design- a minimalist chair with striking geometric form.

The materials here are beautiful. Without giving away your secrets, can you share a few of your favorite spots to source for projects?
I love to hunt for vintage pieces and then remake them! My favorite places are the Long Beach and Rose Bowl flea markets! J. Alexander is my GO-TO for custom pieces made from quality materials, and for stone and hardwood flooring, DOMVS Surfaces is my favorite.

See more in the slideshow.