Australian designer Timothy Godbold was given a blank slate in this New York City apartment. It’s a new construction home for a well-traveled couple that loves to entertain, and Timothy’s signature design style shines. He showcases modern elements of the space alongside classic elements and vintage furniture pieces. Uniquely, the designer’s inspirations were quite specific: he envisioned a futuristic take, informed by movies like Blade Runner. Though the palette is neutral, it’s decidedly ‘70s. Timothy tells us more. 

First, we’re interested in the apartment. Where is it in New York?
The apartment is a new build. I started working with the clients 2 years before they moved in, while it was under construction. New York City was the main influence and inspiration. I have a romantic vision of New York as I am originally from Australia, so I interpret NY differently perhaps. It’s a metropolis unlike any other city on the planet so respect is due.

The apartment is located around Gramercy and Lower Fifth which is my favorite neighborhood in NYC. The mix of people in the area and the university make it a vibrant, friendly neighborhood, but for the apartment, I wanted it to feel sophisticated, masculine and understated.

This home is certainly futuristic. Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration? 
I like rounded curves and arches a lot. (I would count arches on houses when I was a kid riding in the back of the family car!) Basically, I grew up on seventies sci-fi and the color beige was probably my favorite even at age 8. Italian modernism would always be utilized as futuristic in-home design, so that also impacted me a great deal. The apartment of Deckard in Blade Runner has always been a key source of inspiration. What I wouldn’t do for his scotch glasses…

Ennis House, which was also appeared in the film, was created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, so I utilized his tiles–an element I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. 

In the slideshow, snag more details of the space.