This 1920s Spanish Revival is in Altadena, CA—a peaceful enclave 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles known for towering trees and beautiful mountain views. Actress Candis Cayne fell in love with the property and knew it’d be the perfect spot to call home, even though it required an extensive remodel. She called on Jeni Gamble, founder and creative director of design firm Gamble + Design.

“Candis has a fondness for blending vintage glamour and authentic natural elements,” Jeni says. “The scope of work for this project was extensive, as we embarked on a complete transformation of the house layout. Our goal was to create a more functional and inviting space by opening up the kitchen and removing unnecessary circulations throughout the house.”

The aesthetic plan was inspired by Mexican Brutalist design—a fusion of raw materials and architectural beauty—and each room underwent a meticulous transformation. “Candis’s passion for cooking inspired a shared kitchen design,” Jeni tells us. “It became a space where she could pursue her culinary pursuits while enjoying the company of loved ones. The addition of multiple stations allowed for free movement and an inclusive environment, perfect for gatherings and shared experiences.” 

One of the standout features in this space is the stone wall behind the stove. “It adds a touch of natural beauty and serves as a striking focal point, elevating the overall design,” the designer explains. Custom cabinets and uniquely crafted pulls seamlessly blend into the architectural style of the house, creating a cohesive and elegant aesthetic throughout. 

In the adjacent dining room, a custom bench is perfect for enjoying the cooking process while gathering with loved ones. “To enhance the ambiance of the space, Candis personally crafted a stunning light fixture, bringing a unique touch of her creativity and personality,” Jeni says. “Amber backlighting was utilized, infusing warmth and allure into the environment. Additionally, a strip light was strategically placed to illuminate the full wall of marble, complementing the matching countertops. This strip light follows the contours of the space gracefully, further enhancing its visual appeal.”

Moving throughout the home, the continuation of the restrained color palette helps the space feel cohesive. In the living room, a vaulted ceiling makes the space feels grand and calls back to the original goal of Mexican Brutalism while still honoring the home’s original architecture “To maintain an authentic Spanish Revival aesthetic, we incorporated a barrel design plaster ceiling,” Jeni explains. “Through meticulous planning, collaboration, and creative problem-solving, we not only surpassed client expectations but also created a home that embraces the essence of Spanish revival while meeting her goals.”

As the project was underway, an unexpected opportunity arose when the outside garden became the set for Candis’s new show, Candis Cayne Secret Gardenwhich premiered this week on the Advocate Channel and highlights the actress’s love of gardening and the outdoors. “Coordinating the construction process with the filming of a show brought a unique set of challenges,” Jeni admits. “However, it added an exciting element to the project, embodying the essence of an LA story.”

As viewers will see in the show, a highlight of Gamble + Design’s work was the enlargement of the kitchen door, allowing for a breathtaking view of the mountains from the kitchen island. “This integration of the stunning natural surroundings into the design adds a touch of tranquility and visual appeal to the space,” Jeni shares. “When Candis saw the transformed home, her initial reaction was one of delight and admiration. Waking up each morning in her new home fills her with a sense of blessings.”