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When a young professional who owns her own wellness company approached Clara Jung of Banner Day Consulting to transform her home, she knew that she wanted the decor to match her philosophy of balance and harmony. This Oakland home, built in 1915, had dated light fixtures and metallic paint. Clara’s first step was to strip it down of the chaotic mix of details that it accumulated over the years and bring it into a more current, contemporary state.

The homeowner owned just a chair, but her extensive art collection served as a jumping off point for the rest of the rooms in her home. Clara chose a pretty shade of beige to highlight the house’s architectural assets, such as the moldings and vaulted ceilings. “The client wanted an abundance of layers and a general feeling of coziness,” explained Clara. The bedroom especially highlighted this concept of simplicity and warmth. In this room, she minimized the amount of color and brought in many neutral textures to layer the space. Natural touches such as the branches on the side table and wood furniture brought a calming, earthy feel into the mix.

The dining room was the most challenging room, because Clara had to get it just right for her client: “Since she entertains a fair bit, we wanted to make sure it was just right.  We created a dining room that’s striking enough for a more formal dinner but just as perfect for a casual brunch amongst friends.” A royal blue was chosen for the walls that worked as an elegant neutral against the bold red woven area rug. Faux sheepskins on the dining chairs were a creative touch that brought in warmth into a space that they wanted to feel inviting. It’s clear that even-though Clara and her team started from scratch, they created a space for their client that showcased her personality and her art collection, making it feel authentic.