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Casual, carefree and sunny. These are the words that were used to describe the clients of this gorgeous home in Newport, CA. As managing partners of AVP (a company that works with Olympic Beach Volleyball players), their charm and lifestyle embodied the quintessential Southern Californian vibe, but their home didn’t. Not until they made the smart decision of working with design Lada Webster of Squarefoot Interior Design.

“The home felt weighed down with all of the oversized traditional pieces they had in the space,” explains Lada, “I didn’t see the connection with the family’s cool casual style.” The first thing that Lada did was include pieces that were lighter in color and scale. A canvas of whites and light beige was then layered with woods and a few organically dyed fabrics for some color and texture. “They wanted their home to feel fresh and they wanted to be able to use all of it,” Lada said. “It’s unfortunate when you have spaces in your home that don’t get used.” An open floor plan and sectional sofa meant that the main living space was perfectly suited for the family’s lounging and entertaining needs.

From the beginning, this was a project made in heaven. “This was one of those projects where we were on the same page,” Lada admitted. She sourced many of the pieces locally from stores like 503 Found. By working with a designer, the homeowners were able to have their space styled and then choose the items they wanted to keep. “You get to see your home finished without having to commit.” Mixing high and low, a Mirena Kim vase with another from Target for example, Lada created a beautifully layered space for the family.