A clear sign of a skilled designer goes beyond floor plans and color theory. Often, it comes down to happy clients. And in the case of a really good designer? Returning clients. 

“This was the second project for existing clients of ours that we had previously designed a home for in Old Westbury,” Susanna Simonpietri of Chango & Co says. “They’d decided to purchase a piece of land nearby in Cold Spring Harbor and asked us to work with them from the very beginning alongside their architect, James DeLuca.”

The architect handled the exterior and structural architecture, while Susanna’s firm designed the interior architecture of the home. “This client loves mixtures of white, black, and gray tones, so that was the initial direction of the home. The client also knew she wanted to incorporate steel windows into the home, so we worked on fully developing that concept and making it come to life in a really stunning way.”

Despite the light, airy spaces (and a double story living room), the home is warm and welcoming. The preferred palette shines bright in the common areas, while the children’s rooms are vibrant and joyful. Take a tour—and snag insight from Susanna—in the slideshow.