Like many old homes, a series of renovations resulted in a lack of cohesion for this St. Paul, Minnesota home. The location is great—it faces the Mississippi River and nestled in a neighborhood that has a hometown feel with bars, restaurants, walkability to grocery stores and small business shopping, and twisty tree-lined streets. The neighborhood is a mix of architectural styles, with a heavy emphasis on historic homes. The laid-back, unpretentious vibe of the area called for refined, historically relevant finishes, and Julia Miller of Yond Interiors was just the designer for the job.

Her clients had returned to St. Paul after years of living all over the world. “They were looking to ‘re-settle’ back in the Midwest with their adult children,” Julia explains. “The goal for the project was to create a home that felt clean, comfortable, and welcoming for their family and friends. They wanted a space that felt well-considered but not pretentious or overdone with a mild mix of pattern and emphasis on quality and texture.”

Yond Interiors employed a palette of earthy colors and tones, ensuring each room would have a sense of connection to the house itself. “When you are in the home you have a feeling of history, refinement, and a sense of calm,” she explains. In the slideshow, she shares a few of her favorite details.