If you’re a pet owner, you know that dogs and cats are the unsung heroes of 2020! They are just out of frame in nearly every Zoom meeting, they’re always down for another night of Netflix, and — in this editor’s professional opinion — a sleeping cat on your lap can (sort of) reduce stress during the presidential debates. Why not share the love with some treats for your furry friend? We’ve selected items that both pets AND owners will love:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Flannel Dog Bandana: $26, The Foggy Dog // Just because you’re wearing sweatpants every day doesn’t mean your dog has to! This cute hankie is as cozy as a pumpkin spice latte. Bonus: every order from The Foggy Dog donates much-needed food to shelter pups.
  2. Laundry Booster: $13.99, Skouts Honor // Admittedly, this is really just for the humans. Skout’s Honor creates incredible grooming, cleaning, and wellness items that pet owners will appreciate. Their laundry booster removes stains and odors from bedding, clothing, even washable pee pads! (I’ve tried it after an unfortunate incident with my favorite blanket and can say with 100% confidence: it really works.)
  3. Dog Car Seat for Home and Travel: $380, max-bone // Since road trips are the new travel normal, a dog car seat is key! It creates a cozy environment for your dog in the car, and will help them feel at ease when you arrive at your destination.
  4. Modern Dog Collar: $38, Wild One // It’s dirt and odor resistant, and made with a super strong flex-poly strap. With rainy days ahead, you’ll appreciate the all-weather design!
  5. Eco-Friendly Fish Felt Toy: $9, max-bone // Don’t fall for to the poorly-made pet toys at the grocery store again. This little fish will keep your cat busy and is pretty cute to look at, too.
  6. Rattan Cat Bed: $399, Tuft + Paw // Is it weird to wish this cat bed was human size? A classic curved rattan design pairs with a comfortable foam cushion, and the cover can be tossed in the wash.
  7. Arabella Puffer Vest: $85, max-bone // Why should you be the only one to invest in a cute puffer for winter? This little jacket is super lightweight but will keep your dog cozy on chilly walks.
  8. Pet Snax Cannister: $63 , Style Union Home // Fashion industry icon Kym Gold has launched a new home decor line, and we are huge fans. (It was just included in our Monthly Edit!) The pet bowls can be customized with your pet’s name, while the Snax jar will look good in any vignette. Style on your bar cart so you AND your pet both get a happy hour treat.
  9. Poop Bag Carrier: $12, Wild One // Don’t be that neighbor. Poop bags are necessary but we never knew they could also be cute. Easily attach to your leash or bag strap and you’re set.