As we inch closer to the holiday season, we’re looking to distinguished San Francisco designer Tracy Simmons for inspiration — both for holiday decor and gift ideas. Last year, Tracy opened The House, a beautiful and thoughtfully curated home goods shop in Presidio Heights. The aesthetic is understated luxury — think effortlessly elegant products to bring a bit of beauty, both to your home and your routine.

For those who live outside of San Francisco, we have a bit of good news: Tracy and her team have expanded into e-commerce! Now, you can shop for carefully considered home goods, kitchen essentials, and high-end apothecary items from the comfort of your home. We recently sat down with Tracy (virtually, of course!) to chat about the expansion + what she’s most looking forward to with the new season ahead.

Tell us about The House. When and why did you decide to open a brick & mortar?
After a long search for my ideal office space, I found what became The House by Tracy Simmons Design. It was too large for my office but too beautiful a space to pass up.  The space exudes subtle luxury, with soaring ceilings, grand windows and presents a quietly impressive facade on the corner of Presidio and Sacramento Street. 

As an interior designer, I’m always sourcing products for my clients and I kept coming across talented artisans with such thoughtful work that I loved working with. I wanted to support them meaningfully and I wanted to showcase their work to a wider audience. And so The House by Tracy Simmons Design was born. The House is an active design gallery featuring an ever-changing collection of ceramics, accessories, furniture, books and more.

What did you want the experience to be in the store? What can shoppers expect when visiting?
Rooted in Californian design, The House is intentionally curated and accentuated by the refinement of the old world. A reverential space where the pieces speak for themselves. I like the quiet so you can stay awhile and notice all the textures and crafted details deliberately designed by makers and artisans. I like to think of it as a little pocket of peace in our fast paced world!

You’ve just launched e-commerce, so shoppers across the country can experience The House in their own homes. What are you most excited for when it comes to this element of your business?
Bringing the natural “human hand” and the story into people’s homes and through that, connecting with a geographically wider audience. One unexpected result of the launch of our ecommerce store, is the number of styling requests we’ve had from homeowners who love our aesthetic. After many months of safely spending more time in our homes than most of us had ever anticipated, our home styling service offers a great way to refresh your space. Our style philosophy is rooted in timeless details and lasting comforts, and we aim to bring that sense of calm luxury to your home.

As we move into fall, what are you looking forward to?
Fall is my favorite season in San Francisco (the colors, the textures, and sweater weather!), the warm light captures the city’s architecture so beautifully.

For gifting, what do you think is most important when shopping for someone you love?
To think of what they would love. Something that feels special. And wrapped beautifully. Something as simple as a bar of soap can take on a level of luxury if it is given wrapped beautifully in simple wrapping paper and presented with a grosgrain ribbon bow!

What is at the top of your own wish list at the moment?
Can I say end to COVID-19 and California wildfires, a working vaccine, social justice and equality and PEACE?!

Cheers to that! In the slideshow, take a tour of The House + see Tracy’s top picks for fall.