Haley Weidenbaum is a problem solver. She began her career as an interior designer in Los Angeles, working with both residential and commercial clients—a profession many categorize as “creative” but is actually quite methodical and solution-based. 

After a few years, Haley realized the same issue kept popping up with her clients: What to do about the windows? Flip through any issue of any design magazine, and you’ll see a room is rarely complete without the perfect window coverings—whether it’s statement drapery, sleek Roman shades, or romantic sheers that allow for soft light and privacy at the same time. (Haley calls it the “forgotten essential.”) And while it’s easy to DIY, there’s a noticeably difference—both in style and quality—when you go the extra mile for something made to measure.

Haley realized that if the world of custom window coverings felt out of reach for her clients, what about the rest of us? After speaking with her husband Adam, a graphic designer specializing in branding and marketing with a background in finance, she realized the pair could be the ones to bridge the gap between what once was a luxury consumer only could access with a designer. Everhem was born—and another problem was solved.  

In short, Everhem is an online retailer that offers custom window coverings. They offer a highly curated, high-quality selection of textiles and make the entire process foolproof. (Don’t know how the color will look in your home? They’ll send free fabric swatches. Feel confused on how to measure correctly? They’ve got a number of video tutorials at the ready.) 

Of course, no one can tell the story of the brand better than the founder. Read on to learn how they got started, discover how easy it really is, and find out what they’ve got planned next. 

Tell us about your career. When did you first discover your love of design?
I discovered my love for interior design at a young age. I used to rearrange the furniture in my room without my parents’ knowledge, completely transforming the space. This innate passion for creating and shaping environments stayed with me as I grew older—I loved how design could influence emotion and lifestyles. Whenever I traveled, I was inspired by the design and architecture of the places I stayed in, particularly hotels. One of my dreams has always been to design, build, and establish my own hotel brand, which led me to pursue a career in hotel sales. From there, I made an exciting pivot into hotel design, which catapulted me into a career of commercial and residential interior design. 

In my time as a designer, I had a light-bulb moment around window treatments. They were such a consistent pain point for my clients—always forgotten and overlooked, and never appropriately budgeted for. I started Everhem to fill that void and give shoppers the ease of customization and insights around styling and installs that I had as an interior designer. As it turned out, fellow interior designers became some of my best customers—because even as an insider, finding quality window treatments with the right customization offerings is always a pain. Looking back, it’s not lost on me that there is synergy between my first job in hotel design and my current venture in custom window treatments. After all, most people love the experience of closing those heavy hotel curtains and sleeping in while on vacation! 

You call window coverings the “forgotten essential.” Why do you think it’s often overlooked?
It became clear to me that interior designers and homeowners alike, want custom window coverings that cohesively blend with and complement the aesthetic of their spaces. But with all the nuances and complexities involved, they aren’t always sure how to go about making their vision a reality. Without a seasoned professional designer or a comprehensive understanding of window treatment design and functionality to guide them, they are left sifting through seemingly endless options without any direction of what would work best for them. After curating a timeless aesthetic and developing a seamless interface, I founded Everhem with my husband, Adam, bringing this proven expertise straight to the consumer in an easy-to-follow online experience that guarantees satisfaction. (We have a less than 1% mistake rate!)

For readers who may still feel overwhelmed at the thought of something truly custom in their home, what would you tell them about the ease of ordering with Everhem?
Ordering custom window treatments with Everhem is designed to be a seamless and enjoyable experience, even for those who may feel overwhelmed by the idea of customization. Here’s what you need to know about the ease of ordering with Everhem:

  • Modern + Pain-Free Online Experience: The process of picking the right window treatments is overcomplicated by industry jargon, unclear guidelines, and overwhelming options with underwhelming quality. Everhem simplifies window treatment shopping with a tightly curated collection of customizable products and an elevated online experience that seamlessly guides clients through a series of questions about their project, much like a designer would. After the questionnaire is completed, clients are encouraged to set up a free 1:1 virtual review with an Everhem expert to ensure they feel 100% confident in their purchase. Everhem’s consultants are also available for ongoing email support throughout the project, which most customers take advantage of. 
  • Premium Quality Products + Next-Level Customization: Sourcing timeless, beautiful materials that are made for forever is one of Everhem’s highest priorities. Each material in the Everhem collection comes from the best possible craftspeople around the world, and brought back to LA where all of Everhem’s custom products are made using trusted manufacturing techniques. With 15+ fabrics to choose from, plus hardware, pleating, and lining selections, Everhem’s easy-to-navigate experience allows customers to create window treatments that are perfectly tailored for their home – without being overwhelmed with options. Everhem understands that window treatments are often a forever purchase, which is why they allow customers to order up to five swatch samples for free (plus shipping) and make sure the little details are exactly to customers’ liking before completing the purchase.

Do you offer a trade program for designers?
Yes! Everhem’s Trade Program caters to interior designers, architects, and builders, providing them with exclusive benefits. Members gain access to special discounts, early sales access, a dedicated Everhem expert, and complimentary samples. Rooted in my own experience as a designer, I understand the importance of exceptional customer service for trade professionals. Everhem’s program is designed around this core value, addressing the distinct requirements of each member. Strengthening relationships with designers is our central goal as we expand our trade program, aiming to be a continued partner with designers on each of their projects. Designers in the Everhem fan club include Sarah Sherman Samuel, Molly Torres, Sara Malek Barney, and many more. 

What’s next for the brand? Any new categories you can tease?
Everhem’s primary focus is fortifying our Customer Experience (CX) team along with increasing brand awareness. Our goal is to consistently deliver an exceptional experience, aiming to solidify our position as the most memorable name in the window treatment industry throughout North America. This entails growing our internal team intentionally and strategically but also not ramping up too quickly. Simultaneously, we’re beginning to pull many new marketing levers, like SMS and an affiliate platform to enhance visibility and fuel brand expansion.

We are continuously improving our products and within the next year we hope to release new fabrics like, both 100% linen and more patterns along with new and improved hardware rods. Our commitment to constant improvement is one of our core values. With my background as an interior designer, I understand the significance of staying attuned to the ever-evolving design landscape and equally vital is our dedication to listening to our customers, addressing their likes and dislikes, and ensuring we’re always in sync with their needs.

Fans of the brand can also look forward to designer and fabric collaborations on the horizon. As an interior designer, I loved finding unique fabrics from small textile businesses. We hope to bring this idea to Everhem- stay tuned!