Jayson Home isn’t just a furniture and decor store—it embodies that sought-after, old-meets-new aesthetic. The shop blends high-quality upholstery and case goods with collected curiosities and pieces that inevitably beg the question: Where did you get that?! What does it take to be a buyer for such an evocative brand? Great style, a killer instinct, and loads of frequent-flyer miles. Chief Creative Office Devin Kirk has all three of those qualities, in spades. He’s a modern-day treasure hunter, traveling the globe in search of Jayson Home’s next collection, and a storyteller who knows how those one-of-a-kind wares bring a home to life. 

My light-bulb moment: 
On my very first day here twenty years ago, my boss Jay said this store needed to be like Disneyland for grown-ups. Whether you’re in our store, looking at the catalog, or getting lost on our website, we want it to feel like an escape from everyday life. Life can be tough sometimes, so who isn’t looking for a little magic?

I can’t start my day until: 
I ask my son Harry what he dreamed about last night.

My favorite Jayson Home find: 
At the moment I am obsessed with these hand-painted ceramics from Italy. A whole set would be a showstopper, but all you really need is one to make your tablescape sing.

Success is: 
When you align your passions with your gifts. We have a knack for tapping into our team’s innate talents—from design to customer service to making sure a sofa gets into a tight space – and that’s why this company is so special. 

One of my favorite places: 
Hotel La Ponche in Saint-Tropez. Once you get past all the glitterati to get there, you’ll find yourself in a chill, hospitable, and incredibly chic spot.

My dream collaboration: 
Amy Sedaris, although I probably wouldn’t get much work done because I’d be giggling too much.

What I love most about my job: 
Hands down, we have the chicest customers on Earth. Finding and creating beautiful things for people with great taste is a dream.

The item that makes my life easier: 
A fanny pack! They are the perfect way to shop a flea market or keep your travel essentials close.

My favorite room in my house: 
My living room (pictured)! It’s filled with loads of books and records, my husband’s piano, lots of treasures from trips I’ve taken, and a giant sneaker from the shoe store my parents owned when I was born. It’s collected but still really serene. It feels elegant for grown-up parties but is super comfortable and practical for family hangs too.

Why I think design is important: 
In the same way you can put on clothes to tell the world who you are, creating a beautiful and personal home is a way to remind yourself who you are. 

A recent discovery I think everyone should know about: 
The British music collective SAULT. The vibes are immaculate.

When I feel uninspired: 
I travel! I love discovering all the ways people adorn their spaces, share food, and find beauty in everyday things all over the world. There is nothing more inspiring to me.

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: 
Put cut hydrangeas in scalding hot water! I could have saved a fortune.

In 5 years, find me: 
Right here. I cannot imagine doing anything else.