At long last, CB2 has debuted a new collection with Los Angeles-based design brand Lawson-Fenning. Led by Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning, the brand is a true celebration of California living—featuring high-end pieces crafted with natural materials that celebrate the colors and textures of the Golden State. This partnership is admittedly at a lower price point than their in-house line, LF Collection, with CB2 bringing the iconic silhouettes and artisanal details into reach for customers across the country.

With indoor and outdoor living, dining, office, bedding, lighting, tabletop, and accessories…our wish list is long. We had a quick chat with Glenn and Grant over email to learn more about the collaboration. 

How did this collection come to be? What inspired the partnership with CB2?

We are always focused on designing high quality and heritage pieces, and CB2 provides a platform for us to share our message and support more sustainable, heirloom home design.

This was a unique opportunity to expand our creative thinking by exploring materials and constructions that are hard to pull off with small line custom manufacturing. This would also introduce us to an entirely new audience, one that might be living in bigger cities and smaller spaces – not as familiar with our California design ethos. 

Since you’ve long had your own collection, were there any surprising elements when it came to working with a larger retailer?

With our in-house Lawson-Fenning LF Collection, we aren’t usually able to develop cast pieces, stone detailing, and accessories at the attainable CB2 price point that still achieves a custom and handcrafted look. 

We were especially interested in being able to develop lighting with mixed materials and tabletop accessories. It really helps layer and tell the story.

In a few words, how do you describe the style of the collection? Is it at all different from your in-house pieces?

The collection is a continuation of the design practice that we’ve been honing over the last 20-plus years, and an expression of our love affair with California living. Each design – inspired by organic shapes and materials – looks at the fluidity of space and the way it blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. 

The collection draws on various references and movements, from Arts and Crafts through Mid Century and 1970s California design. Eliminating all excess, designs are stripped back to their elements, allowing materials and craftsmanship to shine through. 

Take a closer look in the slideshow, and shop the collection here.