Though this primary bedroom + bath is in San Clemente, there’s nothing “beachy” about it. “In fact, it’s pretty opposite,” designer Bianca Spinazzola says. “I would say this bedroom is organic yet funky. It’s stylish and modern in an unconventional way.”

Her clients described their style as fun and bold, and used the term “not your average farmhouse” a couple of times throughout the design process. As you enter the suite, you’re greeted by rich colors and layered patterns. “There’s a lot going on yet it’s so serene and thought through,” the designer shares. There’s a luxurious built-in cabinet, which functions as both a dresser for extra storage and a water bar. Here, the open shelving was a great opportunity to add a dose of style with whimsical and vintage elements. It’s the details that really make the design, and Bianca nods to a patterned bench at the foot of the bed. “Without that piece there, the bedroom would lack the fun element. It really made the room pop,” she says.

The entire project—bathroom and bedroom—took about four months. “When my clients saw it all styled, they were so happy and in shock at how the space came together so nicely,” Bianca smiles. “They’re so excited to do the rest of the house and I think that says a lot!”