A few weeks ago, our friend and eco-focused influencer Danny Seo invited us to tag along on a jam-packed weekend with Ford Fusion. Now, cars aren’t something we usually think about, but the itinerary piqued our interest. Fashion shows, yoga classes, and Palm Springs: who could say no?

We kicked the weekend off at MADE LA — totally unsure of what to expect. Upon arrival at LA Live, we were handed a cocktail and encouraged to explore. First up, we learned more about the Fusion. Ford uses biodegradable, recycled and up-cycled materials in the design and manufacturing of its cars — think plastic made of coconut husks and wheat chaff, seat foam made of algae, or sound insulation made of up-cycled denim scraps. Just beyond the shiny new car were the makers and artisans who use these same materials in their products, like Sun Potion and denim line 69. Capping off the night was the event of the summer — the Moschino Men’s and Resort 2016 fashion show. Hello, Jeremy Scott!

Though it was a late night, we woke up early to join the others at Wanderlust — LA’s top new wellness destination — for some healthy breakfast and a quick yoga session. Random? Absolutely not. In fact, Ford has partnered with Wanderlust to promote a mindful commute. (Lightbulb moment!) Yoga and meditation practices are the perfect precursor to any stressful drive. And, for those of us interested in green living, Fusion’s engine offerings like EcoBoost, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid pair perfectly with Wanderlust’s ethos. Ford will integrate at 108 Wanderlust events and their larger festivals, allowing folks to interact with a wide range of Ford cars.

From there, we hopped in the car — a shiny, white Fusion Energi Platinum with all the bells and whistles — and headed to Palm Springs. On the short drive to the desert, we were thankful for the Fusion’s seat coolers. (Who even knew cars had seat coolers??) Apple CarPlay was both offering directions AND playing our favorite podcast, and the ride was smooth. Pulling up to the iconic Colony Palms Hotel, we were a little crushed to hand the keys over to valet. (Especially since there was no need for us to test out the hands-free parallel parking.) But, an exciting night was ahead!

After enjoying a delicious (and aesthetically pleasing) meal at the hotel, we met up with Danny at a beautiful mid-century modern home in one of Palm Spring’s most sought after neighborhoods. Inside, a state of the art kitchen featuring Wilsonart countertops and Bosch Appliances shined bright. This, we found out, will be the setting for Seo’s forthcoming TV show! Premiering October 1, the show will cover everything from design to travel to cooking, and more. We can’t wait to tune in!

On the drive back to Los Angeles, we felt as though we’d really come full circle with Ford. Quality design alongside comfort? Check. Eco-friendly? Check. A heck of a lot of fun? Check! Many thanks to Danny Seo + Ford for including us in such a fun event.

To learn more about Danny’s new show, click here. And to find the Fusion that’s right for you, click here!