If you haven’t dived into the world of podcasts, we highly recommend that you do! Life is full of those in-between moments (walking your dog, commuting, household chores) where a great podcast can completely transform them. There is truly so much out there – whether you prefer something on the lighter and more comedic side, or want to keep up with the news or learn something new. Our team came together to discuss some of our favorites, here’s what we came up with:

1. 99% Invisible: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what this podcast is about. Essentially each episode uncovers an amazing truth behind things that we don’t normally think much about. From the woman who inspired many of the female statues in New York City architecture to the way food is manipulated to make us want it in commercials.

2. Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives BreakdownFor those who are fans for the Real Housewives franchise (we definitely are), this podcast is a must. Danielle and Casey not only point out the hillarious from the latest episodes but their back and forth banter can bring you to tears… from laughing.

3. Anna Faris is Unqualified: Another great, lighthearted podcast, Anna Farris interviews celebrities in a manner that is unusually authentic, funny, and enjoyable. She openly admits her own flaws, talks candidly about all subjects (and even answers the question of what happens to you after childbirth), and along with the celebrity guests, helps decipher difficult life conundrums listeners are facing.

4. Strong Opinions Loosely Held: We’ve mentioned this podcast in our Links We Love from last Friday. Strong Opinions Loosely Held is a podcast by our friends at Refinery29 and discusses pop culture in a smart and in depth way. From the Kardashians to Selfies, these discussions go beyond the superficial and get at the heart of what influences our pop culture.

5. The Together Show: Relationships take a lot of work. Twice weekly, Erik Newton (a former divorce lawyer) talks to a couple about the trials and tribulations of their relationship and what they’ve done to help it succeed. There is so much to learn in each episode, and in the end you might find seeing parts of your own experience in these stories. Our very own Managing Editor, Kelli Lamb and her husband were featured!