Last month, we had the pleasure of joining Mud Australia for an intimate dinner party commemorating the brand’s 25th anniversary. The evening was hosted by founder Shelley Simpson at the iconic Garcia House in the Hollywood Hills, ensuring every detail sparked a bit of inspiration.

Mud Australia, founded in 1994, is one of Australia’s longest standing and most successful craft-based businesses. They’re known for porcelain tabletop sets (and more recently, lighting!) with a unique matte exterior and glazed interior, and each piece comes in a variety of colors from the perfect creamy white to juicy red or minty pistachio.

Guests were greeted by John McIlwee, owner of the Garcia House and member of the John Lautner Foundation, who was gracious enough to open his doors for such a special event. The house was designed by architect John Lautner in 1962 and is without a doubt, the most iconic structure in the Hollywood Hills. Also known as the “Rainbow House” — it has a parabolic roof over stained glass windows — it’s been featured in many films and editorials, as well as on some of our favorite design destinations on the web.

It was an evening of good food, lively conversation, and great design. Take a peek in the slideshow.

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