In case you aren’t keeping up with the weather in the Bay Area, it’s been raining. And that means two important things. The first – our aquafers are being replenished. And second – snow in Tahoe! 

In honor of all that fresh powder, we’re showcasing a new development in Lake Tahoe called The Palisades at Squaw that puts a fresh spin on mountain chic.

Going to Tahoe is always an amazing getaway, but many places lean a little too heavy on the buffalo plaid and raw wood for us style-wise. Thanks to designer Tineke Triggs, founder of Artistic Designs for Living, this collection of homes avoids the common tropes. “We wanted plenty of textural elements to create a modern mountain feel, but nothing too dark and heavy,” according to Tineke. “So many Tahoe cabins are dark and woodsy and our designs are a much more contemporary take on Tahoe living.  With that in mind, we kept everything light and bright with designs that complement rather than compete with the natural surroundings.  The interior details are high end, but with a more relaxed and contemporary style of elegance.”

With the goal of being “geared for the modern mountain enthusiast,” these homes offer the weekend getaway of owning a mountain home without as much upkeep and worry about the snow getting too heavy for the roof. 

“We had a clear sense of which design elements we wanted to splurge on for this demographic, and we prioritized elements like beautiful but durable surface material, ample storage (both inside and out) for sports equipment, extra large beds in the bunk rooms, and of course my love of beautiful lighting for each room.” With bunk rooms that sleep four, these homes are ready for slumber parties. 

Take a tour of one of the homes in the slideshow!