Tracking trends and presenting the freshest in design is what Rue is all about. How do we keep our thumb on the pulse? By clocking lots of steps at the world’s biggest and best design markets. 

We recently visited one of our favorites: AmericasMart Atlanta. This top-drawer trade show brings the world of design together under one (big!) roof. Nestled into downtown Atlanta, the Mart includes more than 7 million square feet of space—it’s the nation’s only global wholesale marketplace and houses the world’s single-largest collection of home, gift, rug, and apparel merchandise. It’s also a mammoth global stage for manufacturers and designers to unveil new lines and launch new designs for buyers (and editors!) seeking all that is fresh and first in home, rug, gift, and apparel. The largest of AmericasMart’s 14 annual Markets and shows, Atlanta Market in January and July are the ignition switch that drives trends across the U.S. and the world. 

But the year-round design epicenter is also a community of people who love great design and the creative people behind it. So, when we popped into some of Rue’s favorite showrooms, we also wanted to know what these top design purveyors and experts were taking note of when they stepped out of their own spaces. We asked them simply: “What do you love about your neighbor?”