We first met with designer Marie Cloud of Indigo Pruitt at a “5 Minutes With” appointment in the Universal Furniture Designer’s Lounge at High Point Market. When she told us about the quick timeline with this Airbnb décor project, we were so inspired by the chic, welcoming space…who wouldn’t want to stay here?! If you’ve ever thought about renting out your own space, or just want to bring the welcoming vibes home, this post is for you. Today, Marie shares 5 top tips for creating a gorgeous Airbnb in a snap. 

1.     Shop locally at your favorite retail spots. Keep an eye out for home boutiques and local artisans to add some home-grown flare. It’s always cool to see the local influence and tidbits of that city when you travel, right? Not to mention these items are typically at your fingertips and have in-store pickup options. Which comes in handy when the project turn-around is tight.

2.     When shopping online, set your filters to quick ship/in-stock only results. This will alleviate the heartbreaking moments of finding something you really like only to realize it’s out of stock. Bummer! In some cases, don’t be afraid to place a call to customer service to confirm inventory. It’s typical that the website inventory may not be as up-to-date as the internal updates a call rep may have.

3.     Get the space painted. Don’t second guess on this one! It may seem like a big project within itself. But the impact of paint is unmatched and will definitely help elevate the space. When it comes to impact and cost-effective options paint is your BFF here. Keep it simple and be sure to sample the color in the spaces’ natural light before you finalize your decision.

4.     Shop antiques or gently used pieces. Never be afraid to upcycle and breathe new life into old items. Perhaps, this is the opportunity for some good ol’ D.I.Y. Maybe give a classic-looking end table a fresh coat of paint. Or even something as simple as grabbing that gorgeous brass centerpiece at the antique shop and throwing some greenery on top.

5.     When selecting a color scheme keep in mind that this is a space that will host guests with diversified styles and aesthetics. So, this may not be the project to explore your boldest dream design. Also, keep the palette consistent, you can never go wrong with the 60-30-10 rule. Your primary color stands out 60% within the space. The secondary color greets the space at 30%. And your accents come in with the 10% complement.