December is my favorite month of the year, but the hustle and bustle usually results in my craving some major quality time at home as soon as January arrives. While I absolutely enjoy filling my social calendar up with memorable events, I find just as much joy in creating them at home… the perfect antidote to the jam-packed schedule of the holidays. This January I decided to start the month off right with a romantic “dinner date” at home with my sweet husband, Andrew. As parents to an 8 month old, it’s harder than ever to carve out “us” time and head out for a date, so I decided to recreate the experience in our small-but-mighty dining nook after putting the baby to bed for the night. I turned to Serena & Lily for inspiration and created my dream winter tabletop for our night. I feel this is an easily attainable look for any home and am offering my tips below:


1) Bring the Outdoors In: While beautiful fresh flowers can be hard to come by this time of year, there are plenty of seasonal options that will do the trick. I chose cotton stems from my local flower shop, using them as an arrangement as well as on the individual settings. I love the texture it brings to the table, the way they’re reminiscent of snow, and how they contrast perfectly with my favorite indigo Heath Ceramics plates.

2) Takeout is a Perfectly Fine Option: It’s true. Despite loving to cook, sometimes I’ll set the table just to order in. It’s all about cultivating what brings you joy. For me, it’s a beautiful environment at home. With a new baby, cooking can be a little more challenging than before. As they say, “it takes a village” and I consider my local restaurants part of that village. I’ve got my favorites on speed dial and set the table while I wait for the delivery. It’s the best of both worlds!

3) Don’t Forget the Lighting: I rarely host a meal without candlelight. I used two options from Serena & Lily. The votives offer plenty of mood lighting while the white antlers bring the sophisticated drama I adore.

4) Layer, layer, layer: For me, a beautiful table is all about layering. Choose linens that complement each other. In this case, Serena & Lily works magic with a beautiful blue linen table runner (on sale!) and printed napkins in a similar color palette. There’s just enough contrast to showcase the beauty of both textile, but still keeps within my signature neutrals look.

5) The Details are not the Details: Have you ever noticed that the things you remember most from an experience are the small, thoughtful details? I love to add those moments to meals for my husband and me. I chose a vintage-inspired yellow ribbon to tie the silverware, and it ended up being one of my favorite elements in this winter tabletop.