Hotel Lilien has officially opened its doors in Tannersville, NY. Once a historic estate, Lost Boys Hospitality saw the raw potential and brought on Field Theory to restore and reimagine the property.  “We’re a husband-and-wife design team, and we moved out to the Catskills with our two-year-old for five months in order to get the project completed in time for opening,” Leah Harmatz, Owner of Field Theory Design tells us. The project was completed in about eight months, relying on local craftsmen for much of the restoration. “We had an amazing team of builders and even though a lot of these issues could have been daunting, they helped us solve them and made it manageable,” she recalls. 

For the interiors, Leah knew that COVID-related production delays meant that vintage was the best option timing-wise—and much more aligned with their effort to have low environmental impact. Iconic mid-century lounge chairs by Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, and Franco Albini sit alongside Victorian settees and handwoven antique Persian rugs. For the art, the team tapped local makers, resulting in Hotel Lilien’s official Artist-in-Residence program. “We’re excited to be collaborating with a group of talented artists from the region and NYC, including Jessie Mordine Young, Emily Johnston, and Erin Roberts,” Leah says. “We’ll be featuring the art throughout the hotel gallery-style, meaning it’s available for guests to purchase and take home.”

As for guest experience, owner David Harmatz says there is no boilerplate welcome speech, but every guest interaction is tailored to the situation for the best possible experience. “For instance, the other night an exchange with a first guest who was arriving late involved dinner logistics,” he explains. “We offered to leave the kitchen open late so they wouldn’t go hungry. In terms of design, we tend to set expectations about the layout of the property, explaining that the main building is an 1890s estate while the deck rooms are more modern and private with direct outdoor entry. We offer a complimentary nature walk led by our guest experience manager who lived in the jungles of Panama for six years and has amazing stories to tell.”

For those looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle for a quick getaway, or are wanting a longer visit to truly relax, Hotel Lilien is the perfect spot to slow down, enjoy a great meal, connect with nature, and immerse yourself in beautiful design. //