As the Co-Founder and CXO of Cuyana, Shilpa Shah embodies the company’s “fewer, better” ethos. “Fewer, Better is broken down into three components: design, quality, and sustainability,” Shah says. “When it comes to living, the three elements still apply. Fewer, Better Living means designing a quality life that stands the test of time. Our lives are in a constant state of design, but the beauty of that is that we can continue integrating quality moments and self-sustaining rituals into our routines as we learn and move forward.”

When Shah purchased her home in Oakland, CA, she wanted a designer who could translate this important concept into the interior of her home. The space had been recently updated, but lacked character and had an awkward design in the kitchen that needed to be rectified. She reached out to Christine Lin of Form and Field for the project. “Shilpa had a well-defined sense of what she wanted for the home: high contrast, warmth, texture, and a particular shade of blue-green,” Lin shares. “We’re modernists and Shilpa’s penchant for clean lines and low fuss made us a great team!”

The design was influenced by the clean lines and warmth of Scandinavian design, while texture also played a big part in driving design decisions. “You can see the contrasting textures in the upholstery, textiles, and rugs that we selected, and while we use patterned textiles and rugs, it’s sparingly and many of the patterns read as textures,” Lin explains.

In the slideshow, Lin shares more details about the space, but notes that the reason the home turned out so well was the designer/client relationship. “Shilpa gave us the direction that she was going for, and was hands off in terms of the actual design. She fully trusted us and wanted to know what was best from our point of view,” Lin smiles. “She was a dream client because of the trust and being decisive in what she likes and doesn’t like.” Shah concludes, “Because home is a sanctuary where we spend so much of our time (especially now!) it’s so important to feel at peace in that space. Part of feeling at peace at home is related to the things we surround ourselves by.”