This quaint, 2500 sq foot home with its mock Tudor exterior and oddly Tuscan interior initially housed very dark painted rooms filled with odd furniture layouts and space plans. Interior designer Lauren Evans’ clients, a family of four with one on the way, needed help figuring out how they were going to fit their kids and all their stuff in these pint size rooms while remaining stylish. She says, “It was important to the homeowners that the design of these spaces was comfortable and kid friendly without jeopardizing style.”

This was especially true in these two rooms that are 100% for the young ones. Lauren designed a shared bedroom she nicknamed “Double Trouble” for two of the boys, as well as a nursery for the incoming family member. Both rooms posed layout issues, due to an abudance of doors and windows. Additionally, the clients requested that Lauren select twin beds instead of bunks for the shared room. In the nursery, Lauren created a sophisticated nautical space, while in “Double Trouble”, she intentionally stayed away from any theme in order to create a space that could grow with its inhabitants.

See both rooms in the slideshow!