This kitchen, like most, is the heart of a two-story home located in Winthrop, Perth (Western Australia). The owners had built the house back in the mid-90s for their family. Now retired and empty nesters, they opted to renovate instead of downsizing, so they could still garden and have plenty of space for grandkids to run around. Designer Melanie Winata of Fauvist Design had worked with the couple before (on their primary suite and powder room), and already had a great working relationship.

“This was going to be the first and last time that my clients planned on renovating so it was important to design a space that wouldn’t date,” Winata says. “As avid cooks, their must-haves for the kitchen included plenty of storage as well as new, modern appliances. Open shelving was a no-go, so we kept everything tucked away behind doors and ensured everything was easily accessible. It was also essential that the kitchen be low-maintenance and practical for everyday life, so all the finishes selected are durable and easy to clean.”

Through a six-month process, Winata transformed the kitchen from a dated, beige space to a modern traditional masterpiece. “It’s a traditional kitchen at heart but with all the amenities and ease you’d want from a contemporary kitchen,” she says. Since the clients had already selected quite modern appliances, she balanced them with traditional shaker-style cabinetry (painted in Dulux Amazing Boulder) and striking hardware from Buster + Punch. “The knurled brass cabinet hardware was also a key feature, adding a definitively modern touch to the design and reinforcing the interplay between modern and traditional,” the designer explains. There are also hand-glazed English tiles on the backsplash, which adds a bit of reflective light to the space.

Needless to say, the clients couldn’t be more pleased with their new kitchen. In the slideshow, see the impressive transformation.