Originally built in 1964, this Orange County home totally embodies the old-school vibes of California beach living. Located in Newport Beach and just over 2000 square feet, it was the perfect space for a young couple with 3 small children. The family loved this property for its original design features and overall footprint. Designer Mindy Laven was brought on to help with renovations. She explains, “[They wanted to] open up the space up to take advantage of the water views and to make the home feel more contemporary in design and style while still maintaining the relaxed beach town vibe.” The clients were excited to collaborate on the design so that their personal style would be well represented. 
At the start, the home’s layout needed a bit of an overhaul. “The downstairs floor was very broken up with a small galley kitchen that blocked the view,” Mindy recalls. “The main design goal was opening up the house front to back, so that the house would have an airy, see-through aesthetic the allowed a view of the water from the front door.” They removed the walls in the kitchen, which nearly doubled its size and allowed the space to accommodate a very large island. This is one of Mindy’s favorites in the home. “The kitchen is such a radical transformation from its former state,” she smiles. “What was once a dark narrow kitchen that was closed off from the rest of the house, became an open, inviting, space where this family truly ‘lives!’ The hand-formed square tile used for the backsplash is one my favorite design elements. It is both rustic and contemporary at the same time. The all-white color scheme visually expands the space and doesn’t detract from the gorgeous view of the water just beyond.”
The home’s close proximity to the ocean really influenced the design process. Mindy says, “We used materials and furnishings that could take the heat of the sun, salt from the water, and the grit of sandy feet!” The distressed wood flooring doesn’t show dirt and allows for sand to be easily swept up. Throughout the house, a watery gray and white palette sets the scene, most notably with the poured concrete tile on the fireplace. Pops of color are brought in with textiles and accessories, many of which were collected from the family’s world travels. And while function was at the forefront with many of the design decisions, that California-cool style absolutely reigns supreme. Take a tour in the slideshow!