This new construction home, located in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, was a fun project for designer Lori Paranjape. “We recently completed designing a new location for the client’s skin care practice in Atlanta,” Paranjape shares. “As we wrapped up that project, they announced they bought a new construction home in Nashville and asked us to design the interiors.”

One of the clients was born and raised in Arizona, so the design team was tasked with bringing in a touch of desert living. “We used a delicate hand, but offered her soft terracotta wallpaper detail in the dining room and organic elements for the family room,” the designer explains. “It doesn’t scream southwest, but it definitely gives a nod in that direction.”

Overall, the design is quite casual, and appropriate for a growing family. (The client just gave birth to Baby #3!) With this in mind, Paranjape brought in plenty of durable and cleanable fabrics. Of course, most of the upholstery and furnishings were ordered during the pandemic, which caused major delays. “The dining table took months to get and the upholstery for the family room took forever,” she recalls. “The clients were lovely about it, but it was frustrating to not have a complete house for a few months!”

At the end of the day, the space came together beautifully and now serves as a comfortable home base for the family. Paranjape concludes, “My primary goal for a project is to create an environment that’s truly reflective of the owners. I think this one accomplishes that nicely.”