Designer Lindsey Brooke was given the ultimate blank slate for this Torrance, CA home. It was in great condition, but a was a pretty basic tract home. “Think grey walls with white trim, dark floors and outdated lighting,” she recalls. Located just minutes from the beach, and home to newlyweds who both work full time in finance and love to entertain, the space needed a dose of the polished comfort Lindsey’s firm is known for. They wanted the space to serve their current lifestyle, while also offering room to start a new chapter as they grow their family. 

“We decided to lighten the floors, brighten the walls, redo the fireplace, replace all the doors and hardware and finish the design with new lighting and window treatments,” she explains. For furniture, she relied on the couple’s California upbringing to influence the color palette. “Our clients are both Southern California natives, so the coastline played a big part in the design,” she says. “We created a color palette of blues, greens, warm taupes and hints of rusts and grey that was drawn in from the sandy beaches and warm mountains that California is known for.” Lindsey and her team came up with this concept first, and then started sourcing. 

The family room is the hub of the house, and is a comfortable, durable space – but still quite sleek. “They didn’t quite have enough space for two chairs, so we sourced an extra wide chair to fill the space and add some personality. It’s one of my all-time favorite chairs,” Lindsey shares. “So comfortable too!” Just off of the family room is the primary bedroom and bathroom. Due to its close proximity to the common space, they wanted it to feel cohesive and part of the home’s overall design. Mixing masculine and feminine materials, Lindsey struck the right balance. “The dresser is a favorite and rightfully so,” she says. “It’s so beautiful and a showstopper you can admire and see from outside of the room.” The guest bedroom is a peaceful retreat, with lighter colors and soothing textures. 

Finally, the home’s “main course” – the front living room, which the designer says is absolutely stunning in person. They needed ample seating for entertaining and conversation, so Lindsey took a unique approach. “We wanted to create interest by having two different sofas, so it felt more casual than a formal living space,” she explains. “I love the black elements in this space. By having the coffee table, cabinet, and chair have a darker accent color, they pop and tie in the fireplace nicely. The oversized beach prints are a staple in South Bay, being so close to the water.” She reflects, “It was a nice touch and a nod to where we call home.”

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