For 3 wonderful years, my husband and I lived in a small Victorian apartment in the heart of San Francisco. However, we were faced with an unexpected opportunity to move to Los Angeles for his work. While leaving the city we loved was intimidating, the chance for a new adventure and a quiet, spacious home proved irresistible.

As we unpacked, I realized that if I wanted the place to look great and feel like home, I’d need some professional help. Most of our furniture looked really strange here… the scale was completely off, the color palette was wrong. While we loved the look in SF, here it just felt like a bunch of mismatched hand me downs. Pair that with the anxiety of being in a new place, and I felt lost in every way. After a few weeks of plucking around on Pinterest, I turned to the pros at Homepolish for help.

Homepolish, an innovative interior design service that merges beautiful design with affordable costs, paired us with Haley Weidenbaum – a talented designer with big ideas.

Haley gave our home the ultimate refresh we were looking for. Check out the slideshow to learn more about her process, including Haley’s top tips for creating your dream home. Plus, I share the sources for my favorite pieces!

(You can also read more about the redesign by heading to the Homepolish Magazine.)