Serenbe, a community just outside of Atlanta, has become a popular destination for those interested in stylish, eco-friendly living. The first property was built in 2004, and now over 650 residents call Serenbe home. Though many consider it their permanent home base, it has also served as a welcome weekend escape for those looking to escape the routine of everyday life in the city.

Jared Sapp, a successful real estate agent, purchased a second home here for just that reason. Seeking to have an escape from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, he enlisted his friends at R HUGHES to help with the design. Founder Ryan Hughes and his business partner Steven Leonard got to work transforming the space.

Though they aren’t technically designers by trade, they are certainly tastemakers–and Jared’s home perfectly reflects that. In the kitchen, modern Powell & Bonnell counter stools command presence while a plaster bull on the hood adds sculptural detail to the room. In the living room, a channeled green sofa is the star. There is a breakfast nook with a custom banquette–Jared’s favorite spot for morning coffee or to return phone calls. And in the hallway, a gallery of portraits adds depth and personality in a bold way.

Though Ryan says he usually tries to avoid working with friends, he admits working with Jared was different. “Our only stipulation for taking on the project was that he did everything we say, so it worked out perfectly,” he laughs. “We weren’t afraid of color on this project although a lot of yellow ended up on the project much to Jared’s dismay.  In all seriousness, we all ended up enjoying the process and had fun along the way.”

See more + snag design details in the slideshow.