Accessible and design-forward can be a tough line to walk, but not so for Genna Maragolis of Shapeside. The proof is her recent project for a young couple who had relocated from New York to Santa Monica (and also this previously shared project!)

Genna knew she wanted to combine the elevated style of New York City with an appropriately coastal vibe. Her clients’ requests? “Brass, pops of color while still keeping it clean, and moments of orange since that is the wife’s favorite color.” The pair also love oushak and vintage rugs, and though subtle, Genna carefully selected a rug as the grounding element for each space. She says, “My inspiration was building a design around [the rugs] that had both hints of color but overall very minimal design.”

Genna did face one (very common) challenge- the request for a television. (Ed note: We get it!) That meant the sofa needed to face the wall, creating a tight ‘hallway’ when walking behind it to go up the stairs. Genna says, “It was a really open floor plan and since it was a must to have oushak rugs and hints of color it was definitely a challenge to have the right colors and rugs that flowed together very well.” Selecting a low-profile sofa and airy rattan chair help mitigate any possible tunnel effect. Clean lines and subtle color help one space flow into the next throughout the home.

Take a tour of the whole home in the slideshow!